Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day?

Ok, Ok, I know its not til tomorrow, but tomorrow will be a very busy, We have Church in the morning, heading over to my Father In Laws house.

Yes, we are going to my FIL's house, they asked and since I get along better with them than my MIL, and I want to see my nephew and look at a house out that way, we are going there.

DH was going to visit MIL today, but she decided that it was in her best interest to badmouth me and DH stood up for me and ended up staying home. I love that he stood up for me, but I feel kinda bad that she is alone for Mother's Day. I also feel even worse for him, it seems every time he tries to do something to spend time with her, this is what happens.

She has not been a real part of our lives in almost a year. The last time we went to see her as a family was last July...she threw a huge fit over the fact that we went to FIL's on Lauren's birthday...we always celebrate ALL of the birthdays around that time. DH, July 4, Bug, June 29, BIL and I are June 26 (a year apart), BIL is June 16th, and FIL is June 8th, makes sense to celebrate all at once there, right?

I havent' gone since then, it makes it really stressful since I can't handle being stressed out without good reason...even with good reason I can't take it right now.
I try to support my hubby, but I want to see him happy.