Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday at church was a complete dedication to our vetrans, it was an awesome service.

Those men and women served because they believed in Freedom.
Today most people are complaining about our freedoms being taken from us, but we are still much more free than most nations and the biggset problem I see with that....we are so ungrateful.

One of our vets mentioned that he wasn't even able to talk about his experiences for more than 30 years because of the movements here on American soil. They spit on him when he got off the plane to come home.

While I do not like the concept of war, I do accept that it is part of life too. As my pastor put it, I will not fight you just because, but you attack my family, and I am going to defend it.
While we are not always happy with the choice to be in a war, we do need to appreciate the people who are overseas fighting for our freedom. Remember these wars going on across the world could be being fought on our soil, affecting OUR innocent, our families. Instead rather, we have people who are willing to stand up and leave their families to fight for us to have our freedoms.

Remember to show how much you appreciate what they do. And if you don't appreciate it, maybe you should be the one fighting instead since you don't deserve that freedom.