Monday, May 12, 2008

Did I mention??

I no longer like Roller Coasters. This weekend has been so full of ups and downs its hard to even know where to start.

Friday was a headache getting things done, stress over todays appointment, and a whole lot of other issues. Saturday morning was wonderful, time with family, chatting with great friends, just a good time, then came the afternoon...MIL is a headache, and when you have had one for almost 19 years and the previous 4 days have been really painful, dealing with that is no fun...Hubby handled it great though, I just wish she could see the situation for what it is....she badmouths me when I visit her, she badmouths me when he chooses to leave me home (it keeps her from finding more amunition) I don't choose whether to go or not, he has made that choice for me many times over...I respect his decision.

Saturday was a combination day as well. My headaches were through the roof, nausea and stiff neck accompanying and just overall I felt lousy. We had church, and I had to go, it was very important to me to be there, everytime I miss, I feel even we went, Lauren was in a Mother's day skit thingy the kids did, the olders and youngers both did things, it was so cute, but she cried everytime she saw me...oops, thats my kid, I hated being in front of people and almost always broke out in tears...but I did it too, and she didn't fail in doing her part either, Way to go Lauren.
After Church, we came home and got ready to go to the inlaws, it was raining cats, dogs, rats, elephants, you name it, it was coming down. It was very hard to see driving out there, we stopped and looked at the mobile home on our way, its nice and we like the exterior a lot, I will call and schedule an appointment to look at the interior on Saturday.
At my inlaws, everyone seemed a bit off, I am thinking it was due to the weather, I struggled to carry on a conversation with my sister in law, and we always do really well at that, lol, Chris couldn't seem to hold anyone's attention which made him a bit crabby, not that he wanted attention, but he felt really ignored, but it was in the air, it was everyone not just him, there was almost no talking at all going on.

I got to hold my New nephew, he is the most precious little guy around, but even he was crabbier than they say he normally is, even so, it was a huge joy to bounce him and quiet him, it felt so weird to hold a NON screaming baby, I don't remember Lauren ever not screaming she even wimpered in her sleep.

I think overall it was a good weekend, but it certainly had more ups and downs every single day than I would like to see, I know God will work through those, I have watched him work in so many ways already.