Friday, May 16, 2008

I have a WHOLE month off

Ok, maybe not a whole month, I have to find out if the insurance will cover the B-12, if it does, I will have to go into an office for that I am sure. But other than that, I have NO doctors appointments scheduled for June at all, am done for the rest of May, and the next one is Middle of July.
I am SO excited.
This will be the longest stretch of no doctors appointments since I went into the hospital on February 1, 2008. I think previously my record was two weeks.

My house though is extremely quiet, Lauren went home with Grandpa after my appointment this morning, he dropped me off about 9:30 and I have been alone ever since. Its actually the first time outside of Physical Therapy I have been alone since January though, totally alone. Honestly, I can't even say I like it either. I miss her noise. We will go out and get her tomorrow, but I miss her something terrible now. Its weird to not get interrupted to be asked if she can play on the computer, I got lots of research done and it took me about a third of the time.

Right now though, I am enjoying the fact that my next doctors appointment isnt scheduled until JULY 14th. Granted, I then have one July 30, August 4 and August 18th, but still. We have a plan in place, I finally feel confident that things will start working out or at the very least, we are taking steps to get there.

My research was on the Low Carb High protien diet Dr. Guthikonda wants me on, that is going to take a LOT of work for me...with gas prices encroaching on the $4gallon mark I am going to have to really learn how to keep the produce fresh so I am not having to make repeated trips often or dealing with waste.