Monday, May 12, 2008

Chiari Malformation

The newest diagnosis in a slew of new medical problems I have found I have was given to me today by the Neurosurgeon. Dr. Guthikonda walks in and asks me what we are doing today...Well we are reviewing the MRI's, the Opthamology appointment, and the old records from the other hospital. Ugh, I was expecting something totally different since Dr. Van Stavern reviewed the MRI's too, he said they looked good...maybe to the untrained eye.

I have Acquired Chiari Type I, He thinks it may be from the shunt that was in, but more likely, I had actually had it before but it was hard to tell since they only ran a CT scan back in 2001...
He wants me to lose 35lbs in 3 months going on a HIGH protein, Low Carb, low fat, low calorie diet. So my menu plan on my other blog will be getting a LOT of editing as I learn to eat more protein and less fat.

Right now, I am so very grateful they thought that these headaches were migraines when they came back. If it had been clearly a shunt issue, I would not have been sent to Dr. Silverman, if I hadn't been sent to Dr. Silverman, I would not have been sent to Dr. Guthikonda, since he is a DMC doc instead of all of the St. John docs I had seen up to this point.
I feel so blessed that he found this, granted it could mean very bad thigns if I do end up still needing the shunt replaced, but God is greater, and I know if he provided a doctor to find it, he can guide his hands while he fixes it...since God has already told me he is not going to heal this in the way that most people view healings.
God has blessed me so much, he has used this for the last 19 years and he will continue to use it until he is done using this situation. I hope whatever his plans are that something GREAT happens through this.