Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am amazed

Yesterday, while VERY long was a great appointment. I am grateful, so very grateful that the inlaws took Lauren to the sciece center across the street though since it took FOUR hours.

The wait time before seeing the doctor was less than 15 minutes and no room waiting time so to speak.

I did pretty good on everything except the color plates, I remember those from before, I still only get half of them and on some of the ones I do get, I can't see it without tracing them with my finger to verify what I am seeing.

He checked my eyes, my ocular pressure, my visual fields, the nerves and then took photos to compare for next time.

All looked good, he thinks we MIGHT be able to try a different medicine that I haven't done yet, topamax, for migraines, and that it sometimes helps with the ptc, but often times its more like ptc patients have a double problem going on. Topamax aparently doesn't have as many side effects, but one of the ones it does have is Weight Loss, which may counteract the Lyrica at the very least.

I am really glad I went, and now I do not have to go back to the idiot doctor either. He asked permission to do follow ups since I was honest about why I stopped coming 10 years ago. I go back September 4th....He is almost as good as Dr. Ing was, PTC is one of his research interests, and having someone actually interested in my problem is very important to me since they know that not everything is as it seems.

Overall, I was very happy, and its nice to know that there is nothing affecting my vision right now, and no real risks of it happening either. Unfortunately, if the Topamax doesn't work, I will probably still need to have the shunt put back in to deal with the headaches. I am so totally ok with that though, because God's will will be done throughout whatever happens.