Sunday, April 13, 2008


This morning was so amazing. I have missed being in church so much. Even though last week was my first week back God has really been blessing me when I go. This morning Pastor didn't even get to preach. The Holy Spirit fell from the moment the praise and worship started.

I love services like that, Words of wisdom, strength, and encouragement just kept coming today. I know at least one was a direct answer to a prayer of mine. I love how God even used my exact words about How I needed to know that my faith was not gone and how I needed reassurance that Everything would happen in GODS time. Not my time, but HIS.

After church, I wasn't very bright and headed to Kroger for some good deals. That was so not smart of me, it wore me down really good. I have been so tired ever since. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help the headaches.
I was planning on returning tonight, but just didn't have it in me. Hopefully Wednesday will be a good day and we will get to go then.

Tomorrow we are going to work on some structured school with Lauren. She is learning about Giraffes and going to be working on some math and phonics and handwriting.