Monday, April 21, 2008

Far from Perfect

Well its hard to believe we got a LOT accomplished but it is FAR from perfect in the long run.
I got a lot of dishes done, we got the livingroom mostly picked up, the kitchen too, but it is far from what I had hoped for.

Its funny how so much work can seem so disappointing when its all done.

I got Lauren's bag packed for tomorrow. I am hoping for an easy day tomorrow at the hospital and that she behaves exceptionally well.

Tonight was great, I got to talk to a good friend of mine on the phone who has been on my mind for several months. She is going through a lot emotionally, physically and in her marriage and could use prayer. My heart breaks for her as she has always been such a source of strength for me. Tonight I wish I lived about 4 hours south so instead of it being a phone conversation it could have been in person, I would have just hugged her as we talked. I think we both would have done a lot of Crying.
God is good that way by providing us friends with shoulders to cry on.