Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Jumping through Hoops, Hop Hop Hop, Wow, is that frustrating. The MRI I was positive I had in 2001 wound up being a ct scan, I pick up the reports on May 5th, so I called the hospital where I was diagnosed, they have MRI's from both 1998 and 2000, HOWEVER, the big catch, they do NOT have films anymore. So I am getting reports mailed to me, I am aiming to get my spinal tap records as well.

This morning I finished scheduling my appointments, Now my schedule looks kinda like this April 18, Neurologist, April 22, Mri, MrV, CINE MRI, April 30, Pulmonologist, May 5 Neuro Opthamologist, May 12 Neurosurgeon, plus, I have physical therapy every Tuesday and Thursday til May 1 at the very earliest.

At least its all scheduled now.