Saturday, April 19, 2008

How Much?

Well trials have hit yet again this time we are in the midst of a big one.
On top of my medical stuff going on yesterday Chris came home from work, let me know he is down to 4 days per week.

That is enough to keep his insurance but not enough to pay the bills.
It has been so hard lately to make ends meet as it is. but it just keeps getting tougher and tougher.

I keep telling myself God always provides our needs. And he does. Right now though, I feel as if its just too much piling up on top of us.
I am tired, very tired, Partly from being sick constantly for the last 6 months again, and partly because these trials just dont seem to back off.

I saw my neurologist yesterday, he is proud of my progress...that makes me happy because at least he knows I am trying. I see him again in a month.

Today I went shopping with Lauren, I am so not ready to do that kind of thing alone. My leg hurts SO bad now, its even worse than normal because it hurts all the way up.
Its so discouraging when you cant handle a simple shopping trip without feeling like you are going to die when you get home. I guess since I will likely still be sore at therapy on Tuesday I will talk to Cathy about that to see if we can do something to stretch out those muscles. I missed her so bad on Thursday, I never realized how much I liked her til she took some time off. She is an amazing woman when it comes to caring for her patients, not that Laura isn't but she had her hands really full basically carrying a double load for 3 days.