Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Great Day

Well, today was another amazing day.
Chris had the day off, I know that its going to be hard having him on 4 days, but right now, it was great. Having him home, he was really happy and we had a great time together.

We went to Meijer this morning, got lots of really good deals (and a raincheck)
They had another sale of Buy 10 items get the 11th free.

I also got a bag of Dry Pinto beans, I am determined to learn how to cook them from dry. I will be attempting Refried beans and other bean dishes calling for pintos. They are a very cheap form of protein, and I would love to see how much we can save. My goal is one Meatless meal per week right now, hopefully to increase that on a monthly basis.

Then this afternoon we hit CVS. We got new toothbrushes and earned $3 in ECBs to make it even more worth while. I finished off a gift card from them as well.

Now as evening aproaches, I am enjoying some nice quiet, and relaxation before bed. I love the fact that Chris and Lauren are getting along today, Lauren is behaving and all is well in our little world.