Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I hate Hospital Gowns

I went through a lot of work this morning making sure I had no metal on me except my glasses, but guess what, They made me wear a gown anyhow, I was so bummed.

My MRI's went almost smoothly, they had to repeat the very first sequence because apparently I moved. How you can move when they have you pretty tightly padded in there is beyond me, but it was an extremely long sequence on the functional MRI. I timed it by counting the seconds by in my head, can you tell I was bored? Most sequences in a normal MRI are 15-45 seconds, the ones for the Functional MRI were over 2 minutes and the MRV ones lasted close to three minutes, fortunately they only had two or three sequences that I remember counting. The entire process took just over 90 minutes for 3 MRI's and my back HURTS.

After spending time at home trying to recover, Chris got home from work and I went to physical therapy, still not moving well and in lots of pain today my hour session took nearly an hour and 15 minutes, oops. Hopefully I will be feeling better on Thursday and we will get to add something new, I am now doing quite a few of the exercises at home now.

Tonight will be an early night, I am tired and in a good deal of pain.

Lots on my mind too, I was browsing a prayer request on one of my groups that I get in digest and discovered that my church has been praying for the same accident victim as the home school list. He is actually a pastor of a local church of my denomination. He was in a car accident a few weeks ago and broke his back and I believe neck. The doctors gave a bad report on his progress, but we believe that by the grace of God he will recover. I know that oftentimes people forget that God is still God even when things aren't going well.
I know our church will be heading over to theirs for a service sometime soon and I look forward to going. Even with my walker...because I know that God is still in control of my body and has chosen to heal me by working it...and it just may be the way he chooses to heal this brother too....going through the trials does not break us but rather it builds us UP.