Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today I saw

The pulmonologist, Even though I gained the weight that I had lost back, she was not upset with me, more concerned than anything.

We talked alot, my Pulmonary Function Test from the middle of March came back pretty good, meaning the only abnormalities were due to the weight, yay, if I lose the weight, I will breathe easier.

She adjusted my CPAP machine down to a 10 and we are changing masks because this one isn't quite working the way we need it to.

And the BEST part, I don't go back til July 30th. I like that that date is SO far in the future.

Yesterday I had a good day at therapy, we walked with a cane, thats HARD. I did the Green Hurdles and Level 3 on the NuStep She is also having me practice lunges not going very well though. All in all, it was a good day.

Tonight, dinner is in the oven, smelling really good, we are having Chicken, baked potatoes and corn. Then Lauren and I are off to church.