Friday, April 4, 2008


I am finally seeing some during Therapy.

Ok, I realize I have been making progress since I started home care on February 14th, but now I am actually seeing just how much progress I am making in Physical Therapy. On Thursday last week, I was able to take 122 steps on the Nustep, Tuesday I made 500 steps, Thursday this week, I made 600 steps. Now that's progress.

We also started some different standing exercises, they are a LOT harder than the ones I had been doing, and I knocked over the hurdles almost every trip across them both forwards and side to side. She also has me working on my core muscles since everything kinda went limp while I was working on getting my legs working again. Those exercises on my back are murder. It takes every bit of concentration to make it through them and often more than I actually have. I hate being on my back period, it still really hurts, but even more with the exercise balls keeping your legs elevated that high.

Saturday I go pick up my CPAP machine, my family will stay home and I will go as the DME (durable medical equipment) company is right down the road from our house. On Monday we get the fun of figuring out how I am going to get to my appointment. My Father In Law was supposed to take me but his aunt died on Thursday and the funeral is Monday. DH is checking with his coworker to see if he can take him out to lunch, if he can, I will drive to my appointment and just take Lauren with me. While that is not ideal, at least I will be in enough pain where they wont be able to question the need to fix the pressure. Well, I am off to MDot to see where the construction is for Friday's appointment.

Have a Blessed day.