Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to Reality

After a rough Saturday, Sunday brought me back to where I needed to be then we are back to reality with the weekly routine.

Yesterday was amazing. I had had such a rough day on Saturday with everyone having attitude issues throughout the day, including me. I came home and put on my rhapsody (thats where I have all my music stored on my computer, plus certiin purchased VERY Favorite praise and worship songs) then I prayed.
I was not planning on skipping church on Sunday, it really does give me the boost I need to get through the week, but I was so reminded, that I hadn't been praising as much as I should have been.

Lately, when I prayed, it was just that, I wasn't being a responsible Christian and thanking God for what he had done, or was doing, or even what he is GOing to do in my life, and those of my family.

So I walk into church yesterday morning, Lauren and I. I go to my usual seat (since I can only handle walking so far on the graded floor) sit down and flip through my bulliton. I see we have a spaghetti dinner benifit for the pastor who was injured in the car accident on May 9. I would like to go, not for the dinner, but because its important to support those who need it like they were there for me when I had my complications back in February.
Then during announcements, this Saturday, May 3, we have a Ladies Luncheon for Mothers day. Oh how I felt I needed to go, but it was $12, thats a lot for just me. So I came home and asked Chris. We debated back and forth til we realized that Monday May 5 is when our Bush rebate should be deposited. I will buy my ticket on Wednesday. I am so excited.

Then I did something I dont normally do, I went back Sunday evening. My leg was killing me, and the sitting didn't help, but Oh man was the service good. It was a youth service. Our youth pastor preached, over a third of the congregation was teenagers. He spoke on the fight going on between Satan and Man. A very powerful message especially at this time. The kids did an awesome job doing the rest of the service as well.

Lauren was at Kids fun Night and she had a blast, she made a friend, and cried when I came to get her, so I let her play for a few moments while I talked to a couple of the moms. It felt so nice to talk to someone over the age of 5 without being at a medical appointment or being interrupted by said 5 year old.
We will return on Wednesday, I am so excited.

Many people think they don't need church, I don't NEED church, but I do need what Church provides....feeding and fellowship. While I get to read my bible at home, and I get to pray at home, Its just not the same.