Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well, That didn't work

Todays menu has been changed to Rally's. My Boneless Skinless Chicken thighs had bones and skins so that meal has been postponed until further notice. I am glad I had not put the sauce in yet or I would have wasted a lot.

So I will try this again later, I will pick the meat off the bones the skin and bones out of the pot, and see what we get, then I will add the seasoning and heat over the stove probably over the weekend sometime.

I guess that it thought I was Fooling when I planned to make that today.

Off to Physical Therapy. Today aught to be interesting. I am having a lot of pain in my legs and hips today and my headaches have been REALLY really Bad as well. Ugh.

Hopefully it won't be too bad and I can have some more courage when we are done.

Today I haven't felt very positive since everything seems to be wearing on me.
God really needs to give me some strength. Its hard to believe that some days are a lot harder than others, but I do know that God is in control and he will give me the strength I need to get through these challenges.

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