Monday, April 7, 2008

Well That was a Surprise

This morning I had my appointment with the new Doc. I was so not prepared for what he had to say. I think I expected him to say we can redo the surgery, or we can do this other procedure, or that he couldn't really do anything at all.

Thats not what happpened at all....he is sending me back to the Neuro Opthamologist, I haven't seen one of them in a LONG time and he is sending me for more tests, three MRI's to be precise. So--On April 22, I go in and have an MRI of the brain, with and without contrast, an MRV of the Brain, and a CINE MRI of the brain. Then on May 5, I go see the new neuro opthamologist at the big eye clinic here. Tomorrow morning I will call and schedule my follow up with him since he wanted to see me after my tests were done. I also have to pick up my 2001 MRI from the other hospital, so I have to order that as well.

Now I am tired, but at the same time, I am very happy since he was amazingly thorough I have never had a doc check the back things before and check to see if this may not even be PTC but be caused my something else.