Friday, April 11, 2008

Much Better

Well, after my rant about her behaviour she improved dramatically, that was the ONLY time out we had all day and no other attitude adjustments needed to be made.

The headache was bad all day, never did improve, its still pretty bad today but not as bad. The thing I don't understand is how it affects the rest of my body.

I went to Physical Therapy yesterday almost in tears...the drive there hurt, the walk into the building hurt, the exercises were almost as hard as the first day. I know we are going to have setbacks where some days are harder than others, but yesterday was a LOT harder than I expected.
We did go over our goals, since I was extremely upset yesterday with the pain, I was kinda stressed over not being able to walk yet when the therapy time was supposed to be up. So my Wonderful God send of a Physical Therapist, Cathy, went over the paperwork she sends off to the doctors office. Uh Oh, While we are making progress, her goals for me have not even been completely met for the first 6 visits, she figures it will be at least 7-8 weeks or more since we are having slower progress than she was expecting.
While I am doing the home exercises, the pain reduction isnt there for the 6 visits. By the end she wants me to be able to walk for 30 minutes without the walker and go easily up and down the stairs, hmm, she isn't quite as sure on that one anymore either.

I am just happy we are making ANY progress, but some days, it seems like its NEVER going to end. Thank God that he is our strength, especially when we dont have any in ourself.

After Chris got home from work, things went back downhill with Lauren, I think we really need to work on her temper control.