Thursday, April 10, 2008

off to a rough start

This week has been one battle after another. Its not always been a bad battle, but its been an interesting challenge.

This morning it was Lauren's behaviour, OH MY GOODNESS, that child can get into SO much trouble. This morning it was her traditional sassy attitude coupled with her all out disrespect of others.

Now normally, I can handle those things with little trouble, but today, my headaches are worse than normal, my patience is significantly less, and her stinky attitude really got the better of me, she wound up spending half an hour in her room adjusting her attitude because we discipline a bit differently. You can come down when you are ready to act appropriately, whenever that happens to be...BUT if you are still not behaving, you get to return to where you started.

She is back down now, and behaving a bit better. She was totally apologetic, but I still explained that being apologetic does not solve the problem if you go do the EXACT same thing a second third or more time.