Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank heavens its Thursday

That means my week is almost over.

While today should be an ok day, its bee one of those weeks.
Lauren is having some issues with paying attention to her body and has had several accidents this week. I attribute it mostly to my being sick and her getting drawn into a cool new computer learning game here

On Saturday my sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that I am dying to get to see. The pictures are just remarkable but I want to give them enough time to get settled since people did not give us that courtesy when Lauren was born.

Tuesday I found out my Physical Therapist wont be there today. She is a foster mom and yesterday was their TPR hearing, she was really feeling torn just wanting whats best for the kids. I can't wait til Tuesday to hear what happened, Almost everyone I know I asked to pray for her family. She felt though that taking the rest of the week off would be in the best interest of the kids, she is so awesome and plans to try adopting the children if the TPR does go through.

Then yesterday my sister and I got into it over waiting on God. Personally, I believe God expects us to take a lot of steps in blind faith. I don't believe we are to wait for his approval for things because he gives us the freedom of choice. Also if he was going to answer specifically what would the purpose of Romans 8:28 be? All things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to his purpose. That tells me that somethings aren't going to go good but yet he is going to work them for his glory anyhow. Needless to say I asked if she was going to wait til she in essence missed the next boat too and she hung up on me. Since I can't handle that kind of stress and have enough in my family (Chris and Lauren give me enough stress in any given week where I don't need extra) I basically told her I would talk to her after she got moved. The sad thing, we are looking to move to where she is at around September. While I know we will be speaking by then, I am not going down to be friends with her, I am going because we need the lesser cost of living with jobs that pay about the same as what Chris makes now.

This afternoon Laura will be taking care of Cathy's patients, so I am pretty sure I will be doing just the basic therapy that we have been going through, nothing new since she won't be there to assign it. My routine is pretty set at therapy anyhow. I start with the Nustep and I am so proud that I am averaging about 60 steps per minute now even on level 2, then I do the hurdles (which I dont like) then the kicks forward, back, and sides, then hamstring curls with 2lb ankle weights on...those hurt the left leg a lot but its working to strengthen. Then I wander over to the mat and do more kicks with weights on while sitting and ball and band exercises.
At home I do a lot of the band exercises and the standing ones, but they aren't nearly as easy at home, the parallel bars help with my balance...oh ya and I do marches for balance, its really off.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the neurologist. We will be discussing what happened at the neurosurgeons appointment and whether we want to schedule another spinal this point, today I would say yes, but most days, I wouldn't I have to be in a lot of pain to want one, and I hope to not be in that kind of pain tomorrow.